Five Surprising Benefits of Having a Mistress

All marriages go through a phase of difficulties, it’s quite easy to allow life’s issues to put a wedge in your marriage and drift you apart. Then extramarital affair creeps in, wrapped in its secrecy and mystery, seducing you towards the forbidden fruit. While you can hate yourself for breaking the vows of “Happily Ever After,” what if to boost your confidence and mend your marriage!

Here are 5 surprising benefits of having a mistress:

There is more breathing space

There comes a time when the monotony of your life frustrates you and your marriage, and all you crave is some breathing space. You feel suffocated for no specific reason, and negative emotions start to heap up. The entry of a fresh mistress into your life will fight to neutralize these negative emotions and keep them at bay. When these feelings eventually subside, you will see things more clearly and be able to breathe once again around your spouse.

Spice up things for you!

We all need a break from our busy lives to do something we enjoy. Having a mistress will give you the excitement of new experiences that you desperately need. Consequently, you’ll have something for a change and be happier even around your spouse and stop pestering her. You’ll have fewer fights, and in turn, your marriage will enjoy peace for some time.

You own yourself

When you have an extramarital affair, whatever was holding you back won’t be there anymore. You not only become confident as a person, but you are also at ease with your personality. The doubts that made you shy away from the limelight won’t be there anymore, and this will reflect in your personality. Even your wife will start to notice this sparkle in you after seeing the positive transformation in you.
Makes you contemplate your marriage

Some marriages are broken beyond repair. An unhappy marriage is often marked by constant conflict, damaging your emotional and physical health. While some people settle into accepting it, being depressed, becoming numb without any hope for change, having a mistress can be a healthy step. A bold act, it shows your semi-conscious or unconscious awareness to become more alive and grow. A mistress will restore your vitality, provide a feeling of affirmation, and can give you the courage to leave the marriage if it’s the healthiest path. An affair generates greater emotional integrity and mature behavior.

Your emotions will direct you towards your partner

More vivid than we care to admit, cheating always leave a lot of men with a sense of quilt. When the affair starts to get “normal,” guilt and other emotions will weigh down on you, and you’ll realize you have a beautiful family to take care of. These emotions will direct you back to your wife with unshakable desire to be a better man.

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