It’s the hair that matters

Often we are not completely satisfied with our appearance. Brunettes dream of becoming blondes, fair-haired – to dye their hair in another color. If you were looking for a way to change yourself, hairstyle would be a great decision. But what to choose: long or short hair? What turns men the most? Answer to these questions could be found, looking at the opinion of Dartford Escorts’ ladies.


Many modern women today wear trendy short haircuts, and some of the girls from Dartford Escorts of as well. Beautiful, comfortable and easy! It creates a feeling of freedom and independence. However, the trend for short hair on women is gone long time ago. And today, many girls enjoy wearing long hair that emphasizes their femininity and uniqueness. So it is better for the girls long hair or short hair?


Interestingly, the majority of women believe that men prefer long hair on the head of their lovely companion. Usually, long hair is associated with femininity, charm, mystery and even girlish guile. In this case, the longer is the hair, the better. Olivia from the Dartford Escorts believes, that men perceive short hairstyles as masculine and of little use for his pretty companion. Many guys are initially against their girlfriends cutting hair too short. Especially, if before the girl was wearing long hair, and it looked good on her. There are even men who are ready to fully end the relationship with his beloved, if she cuts her hair short…


However, there are many men who perceive a woman on the whole. They don’t like the hair separately (whether it is long or short), but the girl in overall: her appearance, facial features, smile, shape. And, of course, of great importance (and, perhaps decisive) has a particular charm of the girl, her feminine features and character (communicative, sincere and easy disposition, kindness and tenderness) This is why, Jennie from Dartford Escorts prefers to wear long hair.


Beautiful long hair always attract men’s glances. This is a sign of sexuality, and the element of unique feminine charm. In addition, long hair allow their owner to do different hairstyles, thus Jennie from Dartford Escorts has an advantage. You have all chances to become the queen of any celebration, making rich and extremely feminine hairstyles. Moreover, experienced hairdressers are there to help you.


In contrast to the long hair, short hair does not give a girl so many opportunities for a change in her style. With this haircut, you can do your hair nicely with a hair dryer and fixing sprays, slightly changing the contours of the hair, giving it a kind of “evening” look. But the simplicity of hair care and daily styling leads many girls to choose a short hairstyle, and Katy from Dartford Escorts is one of these girls.


The most important thing is always the hairstyle that suits the girl’s face. If you have long hair, if it is always well-groomed and beautiful, if you are not too tedious to take care of it, believe me, this is the best option. And if sometimes you want to give up and cut hair shortly, so you would “just comb your hair and go” – do not rush! It is easy to cut hair and make it short, but not as easy to grow it back.


The need for losing weight

One of my friends who works for London escorts, lost a lot of weight, but I am not sure that she got it right. She still works for London escorts, but she seemed to have lost so much more than her weight. In fact, I think that she has lost both her personality and her feminine figure. I did realize that I needed to lose some weight, but I did not want to lose what I called my feminine touch.


Some women don’t think about anything else than losing weight when they diet, but I have learned that men really do appreciate a few curves and a fuller bust. If you check out the top London escorts, you will find that they are not super skinny. Most of sexiest London escorts, have rather feminine figures, but manage to look fit and in shape at the same time. I am sure that they don’t get those from eating Kellogg’s Special K three times per day.


Instead of cutting out all of the fat and protein out of my diet, I decided to diet to keep my feminine figure instead. At the time I felt sure that certain London escorts had realized the relationship between protein and hormonal balance, and their feminine figures were not an accident at all. As a matter of fact, I was sure the sexiest London escort, worked pretty hard when it came to keeping their figures feminine.


What you eat matters a lot when you want to keep your feminine figure, but so does the right kind of exercise. When you burn off too much under skin, you soon end up looking a bit “haggard” as I like to say. Looking at the elite girls who worked for London escorts, you could quickly tell that they did not look haggard at all. Their skin was plump and at the same time, most of London escorts’ elite girls managed to look really healthy. It was clear that they exercised in the right way, and also spent a lot of money on skin care.


I was not sure what secret elite London escorts had, so I decided to find a personal trainer who could help. At my local gym in London, I met this girl called Vikki. She was not skinny, instead she looked healthy and very “girlie”. I explained that I wanted to keep a feminine look but lose weight at the same time. She got the idea, and explained that I needed to lose weight slowly and exercise gently. A couple of months later, a new me emerged. I was not super skinny, but I looked good. It was then I realized that it was all about confidence, but a pair of sexy outfits, and it was not long before I was pulling in some of the hottest dinner dates at London escorts. No my bum does not look big in my leggings, instead it is the perfect shape a guy appreciates, and neither have I lost my 34 E cleavage.

How I Became a Dominatrix

You may not think that a girl from Salisbury in Wiltshire would choose to become a dominatrix, but as soon as I moved to London and joined London escorts. I realised that there was room for something different. The girls who worked for the same  London escorts agency as me all provided what I called regular escort services. The London escorts agency very much focused on things like the GF experience and stuff like that. The girls were doing a great job, but at the end of the day, we all can’t do the same thing. 


When I had some more experience of working for London escorts, I decided that I would check out if I could set up a dominatrix service for the London escorts agency that I worked for. Of course, I did not have any experience at all. Fortunately, the guy who owned the agency had plenty of contacts and got in touch with a dominatrix. She was more than happy to talk to me and show me the ropes if you know what I mean. That was how I started my journey to becoming a dominatrix in London. 


There is a lot to learn when you want to become a dominatrix there is no doubt about that at all. I think this is why so many London escorts do not go into domination. On top of that, it can also cost a lot of money. Most London escorts are not very good with money. They have a tendency to blow all of their money on clothes. When I realised I had to make some investments to become a dominatrix, I started to save up money. 


Do you need to rent a dungeon? Not all London escorts who work as dominatrixes in London rent a dungeon, but it was something that I wanted to do. But, when I first started to work as a dominatrix, I did run outcall escort service. It was okay and I did manage to save up a lot of money. After about six months, I had enough money to rent a dungeon and invest in more gear. It was great as I had been able to build up a clientele as well. That is another thing that you need to do as a dominatrix. 


Today, I still work for a London escorts. Yes, I do provide other escort services, but I seriously focus on domination. If you do it well, working as a dominatrix in London is a really good career. Is it something that I get a kick out of? I really do get a kick out of domination. It is very much like adult playtime and I have been able to build-up a fantastic clientele that comes to see me on a regular basis. Would I do it again? Yes, I would and I hope that I am going to be able to work as a dominatrix for a long time to come.  

Five Surprising Benefits of Having a Mistress

All marriages go through a phase of difficulties, it’s quite easy to allow life’s issues to put a wedge in your marriage and drift you apart. Then extramarital affair creeps in, wrapped in its secrecy and mystery, seducing you towards the forbidden fruit. While you can hate yourself for breaking the vows of “Happily Ever After,” what if to boost your confidence and mend your marriage!

Here are 5 surprising benefits of having a mistress:

There is more breathing space

There comes a time when the monotony of your life frustrates you and your marriage, and all you crave is some breathing space. You feel suffocated for no specific reason, and negative emotions start to heap up. The entry of a fresh mistress into your life will fight to neutralize these negative emotions and keep them at bay. When these feelings eventually subside, you will see things more clearly and be able to breathe once again around your spouse.

Spice up things for you!

We all need a break from our busy lives to do something we enjoy. Having a mistress will give you the excitement of new experiences that you desperately need. Consequently, you’ll have something for a change and be happier even around your spouse and stop pestering her. You’ll have fewer fights, and in turn, your marriage will enjoy peace for some time.

You own yourself

When you have an extramarital affair, whatever was holding you back won’t be there anymore. You not only become confident as a person, but you are also at ease with your personality. The doubts that made you shy away from the limelight won’t be there anymore, and this will reflect in your personality. Even your wife will start to notice this sparkle in you after seeing the positive transformation in you.
Makes you contemplate your marriage

Some marriages are broken beyond repair. An unhappy marriage is often marked by constant conflict, damaging your emotional and physical health. While some people settle into accepting it, being depressed, becoming numb without any hope for change, having a mistress can be a healthy step. A bold act, it shows your semi-conscious or unconscious awareness to become more alive and grow. A mistress will restore your vitality, provide a feeling of affirmation, and can give you the courage to leave the marriage if it’s the healthiest path. An affair generates greater emotional integrity and mature behavior.

Your emotions will direct you towards your partner

More vivid than we care to admit, cheating always leave a lot of men with a sense of quilt. When the affair starts to get “normal,” guilt and other emotions will weigh down on you, and you’ll realize you have a beautiful family to take care of. These emotions will direct you back to your wife with unshakable desire to be a better man.

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