I offer powerful and dynamic exchanges in a discreet and safe environment where you are able to be yourself; express, and entertain your innermost desires. Whether I actualize your fetish, guide you as a priestess, or exorcise your demons, I love to play.

I am now taking sessions in Southeast Portland, Oregon. To book a session with me please fill out my online negotiation form. For other inquires use my contact form.
You will hear back from me soon.

I expect you will address me as Mistress or Goddess and understand that if you approach me with humility, sincerity, and forthright expression to the best of your ability, you will receive the most preferable treatment. I will be in touch shortly.

I am also occasionally available for phone sessions and long distance training via Niteflirt.com

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1st level: Fetish indulgence and kinky play. Lighter to heavy SM, corporal punishment, restrictive bondage, fantasy, roleplay, fringe fetishes, wearing sexy leather and rubber outfits, and receiving foot worship. In this context, I am the Siren; you are my boy toy. Here the submissive serves the Mistress because the experience is mutually enjoyed.

2nd level: D/s and Training. My goal as a trainer is to help you learn the true meaning of submission, and also to guide you as you discover your place as a submissive or slave. As a Dominant, I am scorpion, always peering within, under your layers of comfort. I can read what I seek within you. I have the empathic traits of a healer with a no nonsense attitude, I can be a major catalyst for change and growth in a submissive’s life. I train slaves to become a useful part of the community. Very special slaves dedicated to my cause may be invited to take part in my FemDom society/estate. In this way, I am the Queen. you serve me with humility.

3rd level: Healing and Transformation. At the deepest, lies the transformational and healing potential within BDSM.  In my capable hands, you will safely go into the depths of your own psyche and beyond. I can carefully direct the experience beyond the mind, past fears, to trust, through ordeal, then catharsis through the BDSM rituals of the flesh. Healing beyond trauma, finding peace, learning to embrace the physical body and the present moment, or fostering deep self esteem or a connection with the divine feminine are a few of the possibilities. I may engage you in sacred ritual in honor of the Goddess of many faces. Intense tasks and trials can snap someone out of repetitive habits and cycles. One can reach total submissive actualization through surrender and dedication to the rituals of D/s, personal work, and service. It is an honor to be the director of another’s personal growth and awakening on their journey. Here I stand as your Goddess.

Some of my ritual tools and games include:

Dominance and submission: power play, long term slave and service training, chastity play, behavior modification, human furniture, corset training, pampering.

Fetish: foot, leg, stocking, boot, shoe, trampling, rubber, leather, latex, G/S.

Bondage: rope: immobilizing, predicament, decorative; mummification; leather; chains; bars; locks; caging; and CBB.

Sensory play: sensory deprivation; overload; wax and ice play, pinwheel, claws, cupping.

SM: corporal punishment and impact play: singletail, flogging, spanking, paddling, caning, belting, slapping, bastinado; erotic torture, NT,CBT, electrical play, violet wand, play piercing.

Rough Body Play: Do you dream of being wrestled to the ground and pinned between my muscular legs? The rush from ball busting appears to be like no other. This is the area of my first kink. My desires here are insatiable.

Mind games: humiliation: emasculation, objectification, predicaments, face slapping and spitting, abduction, public humiliation. Mental Torture: mindfuck, degradation, interrogation, tease and denial.

Roleplay: medical; prison guard and prisoner; puppy play; equestrian play…

Feminization: sissy maid training, be made up and treated as one of the girls. Dual Mistress sessions highly recommended.

This list is only the beginning.

Equipment/Gear: Multi-person Suspension Rack, Bondage Table, St.Andrew’s Cross, Dog Cage, Spanking Horse, beautiful vintage Ob-Gyn Chair, Worship Lounge, Wardrobe for Cross-Dressers, Desk and Classroom for Naughty Students. I have an ever-growing collection of corsetry, boots, vintage lingerie, stockings, garter belts, heels, costumery, leather, satin, velvet and some latex. If you have a special request, provide the item or email in advance.

Dual Mistress Sessions: Do you desire to be “shared” with other female dominants? I work with Mistress’

Selena, Ronda, Danica, Ms Gemini, Ms Payne, Ms D, and others.

Mentoring:  Would you like to learn how to be a good Dominant? I am an advocate, and strive to empower new players within the BDSM world. I enjoy teaching hands on skills and helping each student to develop their own style.

Extended sessions, overnights, and travel are available with the right chemistry and a deposit or an established relationship. Long term arrangements are preferred. Have you ever desired to live in a female dominant society? I am in the process of creating one. I am seeking out one (or two) more sweet and sincere hard working submissive(s) for intensive training while I develop my kinky estate.

My Expectations of you: sincerity and the appropriate use of a safeword. Appreciation, obedience, and verbal generosities and as gifts will bring you a long way. I expect you to be clean and presentable. I am open to receiving all respectful inquiries. If you have any questions or concerns, do ask. Age: Must be 21+.

LIMITS: What I don’t offer: Prostitution, Exotic Dancing, Escort or Massage Service. I don’t engage in Brown, Roman, or Red Showers, Fire Play, Infantilism, Dildo/Strap-On Play, Milking, Anal Play, Hand Jobs, Foot Jobs, Smoking. Nothing Illegal in the State of Oregon. Don’t Ask.