I gracefully accept displays of reverence and gratitude in the form of gift offerings by those who are so driven/able. Below are some items that will beautify my space or simply give me pleasure.

Amazon: http://amzn.com/w/2WWF5FGYAW1Q

The Stockroom: https://secure.stockroom.com/wishlist/wishlistShared.aspx?sharedWishlistCode=7651555

Gift cards to Tandy Leather, westwardbound.com, House of Harlot, Mr.S, Amazon.com and Home Depot are always appreciated. Attire size: M, shoe size: 9. I adore stockings, boots, gloves, lingerie, corsetry- especially leather or vintage.
Music: I tend toward ambient music with a darker feel: gothic, experimental, new wave, tribal punk, ambient metal, classical.
Reading: fiction featuring empowered female characters, mythology, pagan studies, anthropology, nature poetry, biographies, sci fi, and Femdom fantasy

Send to:

Ms Mariana

PO Box 1297

Scappoose, OR 97056