Dear Mistress Mariana

I’m in awe of your dark fierce beauty. Your Feminine power melts me into total submission and surrender. You are truly an embodiment of the warrior Goddess. Under your firm guidance and loving authority I have come to know my path of service to the Goddess and to all Women. You elicit the knight within me allowing me to be a fearless empowered man in service of his Lady. At your feet I have come to know the sacredness of worship. Serving You has brought me fulfillment like I have never known before. Your deep wisdom always seems to know just what is needed and You wield it with incredible care and unyielding will. I am immeasurably grateful for your presence in my life and any man fortunate enough to merit your attention should be equally grateful or he is not worthy of it. I remain humbly at your service as long as it pleases You.

with deep reverence,



“Your new place is like something out of this world. You can only imagine the impact that it made on me as i slowly inched forward on my drive to see You and found myself in that secluded area with the imposing house looming in the background. i positively shivered in anticipation and nervousness of what was to come.”



Dear Mistress Mariana,

One of the things I enjoyed most was the realization of the passion you had for what you do, and your power to inflame passion in others; to permit them, even encourage them, to explore the deep corners within themselves, and how you were able to express your own joy from that.



“You absolutely read me yet I feel such compassion in your power.”



Ms. Mariana
Thank you for a delicious experience. There are many thoughts and feelings that have come from our time together; The first is surprise at how different you are in person. Your pictures are wonderful yet they don’t convey several powerful qualities which come through face to face: the variability of your eye color, and the full wonder of your figure; you are much taller than I expected and have a wonderful power of presence. Playing with a new Mistress can be a chancy affair and I consider the use of a safe word a sign that an important connection is not there. Several times during our time you pushed me close to my limits and I was tempted to use my safe word, but i resisted and was happily surprised to experience how tuned in you were to my mood and limits. The ritual of a session is a very intimate interplay between the imagination and capacity of a Mistress as she molds desire and gives expression to deep longing and desire. You were gracious, skilled, firm and caring: a true Domina.

Thank you,



I (as well as others) see you as this force that has entered into the realm to be revered and appreciated to the fullest extent permitted. The fact that it is memorable and truly pleasing to you is more rewarding than you know!!

Would you believe that the thoughts of being on my knees before you have run through my head a several times postl? It’s a great feeling of bliss to be before you in that way even for an instant, and to be down there with another makes it more satisfying as it reinforces that we are indeed at a wellspring of true FemDom Power. I will admit that kneeling before such a fountain feels natural, and it brings me to a heightened and mixed state merging mental will with physical reality.

I remember being there once and feeling kind of small once I arrived. I stayed still, patiently waiting and looking up but not wanting to interrupt. When you did acknowledge me, I lit up as a burst of excitement came over me, but I instantly became even smaller all of a sudden. I was extremely happy I wasn’t sent away as could have happened with just a wave of your hand, but at that point, I only wanted to whisper as my voice also suddenly became smaller.

One of the interesting things is that while I start feeling this way, I don’t begin to fear the differential, but instead I start to feel I am before a great caretaker or guardian….Your voice rings as music in my ears when you speak, and it’s not due to any reverb or echo. I think it is more the care and compassion that I see inside. I believe I can sit and listen to you speak for hours. Ooo, I just realized it may be because You really are a Siren! Singing Your melodic melody putting all us little boys in a trance to serve and obey.

~ C


Dear Mistress,

Thank you so much for yesterday’s wonderful time! I am still high from that unique session. You are definitely a rope expert but above all a total mind reader. Besides the really good vibes that I felt yesterday, what I liked above all is that you really did what a mistress should do: use a slave for her enjoyment and in doing so for the enjoyment of the slave. I could really sense that you were having a good time suspending me on your very comfy “rope couch” and I could have spent hours like that deliciously at your disposal.

It was amazingly relaxing, I felt very light after I left the Gates. You are a very unique mixing of gentleness and hardness, I felt both subjugated and connected to you all along the session.

Helplessly yours,



Dear Ms. Mariana,

Thank you so very much for seeing me and opening my eyes to such amazing possibilities… It was one of the most intense experiences I have ever had…. definitely my most intense sexual one ever in my sheltered life.

I now see what you meant about a post session endorphin rush! I feel simultaneously sore, alive, tired and ever so aroused. And to receive this mind altering experience from such a sensuous, statuesque beauty has just blown my mind. You are skilled, knowledgeable and so much fun, far beyond your years.

I fantasized about your image before meeting, now my imagination has gone into overdrive having discovered your ever so lovely personality, dressed so exquisitely and so powerfully. Often I read descriptions of goddesses that mean nothing…you actually are one in your total essence of beauty and presence.

I was originally fascinated and drawn to the gates out of curiosity. It amazed me what occurs within such an unassuming and demure place. Each experience I have had there has been surpassed by the last. Now I am intoxicated by you. I’m wondering how I could ever risk seeing anyone else but you after that!

You are so, so, so much more beautiful than your pictures: body, those piercing eyes (!), hair, scent, your creamy thighs and curvy hips, all encompassed by such a truly wonderful lovely character.

You turned me on to you and so much more. I hope I can come back very soon.

Thank you again, my beautiful Mistress.



“I think that you are a mind reader. You knew that I am now past a lot of guilt and rubbish in my life. (Thanks to Lenore.) I feel more real now than ever. You knew that I am a joker and prankster. Good!!

I sensed that trust was built up during our hour together. You do have a real spiritual side.

Your eyes glow. I felt nourished by looking at your beautiful eyes.
Your kind touch was welcomed.
Pain is best felt through you…

You listen.”



I wanted to thank you for being such a professional. Under-the-table or bartered arrangements can be kind of sketchy, and I hope you feel like I am doing my best for you on my end. I know that T and I both really appreciate the thought and care you’re putting into our sessions with you. You clearly know your business and we know that you are working to ensure that T learns some basic technical skills, even in such a short time.
It means a lot to us. Thank you.