Mistress Mariana, woman of the sea. She, who is both honored and scorned. A sensual creature and unyielding siren. A carnal queen and force to be reckoned with. Intuitive goddess to be revered, and remembered.

I am a Lifestyle FemDom and Professionl Domina training adult boys professionally since 2003, and subconsciously pre-adolescence. As a former sex educator, I’ve played the role of an alternative sexuality educator and counselor. From my training and experience (8 years between two FemDom houses and longer in the lifestyle), I’ve become an accomplished player. As a lifelong student, I continue to study and attend classes to ever expand my range  and deepen my understanding of the depths of the BDSM arts. I am trained in first aid and CPR.

My ideological and spiritual background stems from studies in anthropology, women’s empowerment, and the Goddess path. Being a student of the human psyche and intention; self esteem and personal growth; the body/mind/spirit connection, relationship dynamics, and our place in the world, I am dedicated to assisting in personal growth and empowerment.

My form is both athletic and feminine, with full curves, a gracefully cinched waist, powerful legs, and highly –arched, ever-pedicured feet.

My dominance is rooted in honest self awareness and confidence gained from experience. My play style is passionate, dynamic, wicked, and sensual. I am both empathic and sincere with a no-nonsense attitude. My scorpion nature carries an air of intensity. Deepest within my love for BDSM lies a yearning for more intense types of play, training, challenge, and life changing dynamics.  I am demanding, and often quite sadistic. I perform at both a personal and professional level. As a Dominant, I enjoy directing a meaningful and fulfilling experience, and in turn receiving sincere acts of submission and servitude. As a Top, I enjoy inflicting a full range of sensations whether they be mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual and taking one for an unforgettable ride.

Between hedonism and spirituality, my interest in kink spans the spectrum from the purely physical sensual experience to the energetic and even cathartic, I am aptly skilled to dance between the two. In a carnal sense, we are aroused, blood rushes, hairs stand on end, and the entire body is sensitized and alive. In a spiritual sense, play can be a medium for reaching altered states and even personal transformation. I believe in compassion and education; firm guidance and stretching a sub with every visit. This is my path and I love what I do.

I am both visionary and leader. I expect to be worshipped for the goddess that I am. Pay your respects to a self actualized, sovereign woman. Find your place in reverence, in service and be led.

I am a highly motivated woman. My dreams are elaborate. My goals massive. I appreciate all those who contribute and take part.